Melanie Hicks Time Freeze Feelup

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Description: When you see sexy PAWG, Melanie Hicks, outside talking on her phone in a miniskirt you get the sneaky idea to try your new time freezing device. It seems to be functioning ... you engage!! ... IT DIDN'T WORK?!! The trees are blowing, pool is flowing ... but wait ... it appears to have only frozen Melanie's time. You carefully approach and test for reaction. Success! Time to be naughty. You feel her boobs over her shirt, then look downblouse ... they're beautiful ... gotta reach in and feel. Lift her shirt and really get a grip on those flawless tits, such a smooth, chubby belly too! Peek under Melanie's skirt and see she has no panties. That perfectly-shaped, plump, soft ass is all yours. The effects may wear off soon so you bend her over for another view and luckily you get to enjoy more boob feeling and pussy spreading before ... ZAP! ... time is restored! Hurry to get back inside. No problem, she was too confused to notice you. You'll definitely have to give that device another spin sometime!
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Models: Melanie Hicks